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‘Astro Boy’ mural unveiled at Met Art nude art gallery

Artist Garry Winograd’s ‘Ascending the Solar System’ mural at Met the New York art gallery is finally ready to be displayed for the first time.In September, Winogrand, who painted the mural in the former Astrodome, unveiled it in the lobby of his studio on the Art Institute of Chicago.The art gallery says it’s the first […]

How ‘The Glass Art Exhibition’ changed the way we view art gallery art from the inside out

Posted May 01, 2018 08:00:57 Glass art exhibits have always been a big part of what art lovers see in galleries and museums.Now, glass art is also getting a lot of attention from the outside.The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, May 1, in Los Angeles and New York, is being called Glass Art.The exhibit includes […]

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