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Art store with african americans in stock: Art of Africa: Africa Art Collective

The Art of African Americans is located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and offers a selection of art that is influenced by the African American experience.They have a collection of artwork that includes works from the United States, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, and a selection from around the world.Art of Africa is an art collective […]

When it comes to spray paint art and art desk furniture, it’s easier to paint than to work, says designer

A recent study suggests that the art industry can do a lot more than just paint its clients’ artwork.It can also help them with their everyday life.That’s according to a new report by a Vancouver-based art and design firm that found that spray paint can actually help people who are working on art in the […]

Art clipart video from Zentangle is a mashup of art clips and the ’90s

Australian Financial Magazine article Art clip art video from zentangle, which is based on a video game series by Japan’s popular Japanese animator Kazuya Amano, is a bit like a mash-up of classic anime art and video game art, according to the artist and video blogger, Yasuhiro Yamazaki.“Zentangle was created with the intention of making […]

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