Art carney: ‘I feel like a rock star’ in 2017

Carney is no longer with the Whitney Museum of American Art, the art collector and author told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

But she remains a fixture in the arts world and in the art world as a curator of contemporary art.

Carney told CNN she “has a wonderful life.”

And her life is no less extraordinary than the life of any artist, she said.

“I feel very much like a Rock Star.

I feel like the world is my oyster, and I am a very lucky person.”

In a series of interviews, the 71-year-old artist told Cooper she’s been given many offers to do shows in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among other places.

“But I just said no,” she said in a phone interview with CNN.

“It just feels like too much work.”

Carney, who is in the middle of an album and exhibition tour, said she has yet to make a decision.

“Art is my life,” she told Cooper.

“When I am working I have to be at home.”

She has made more than 150 paintings and other works and sold them for more than $100 million.

She told Cooper her paintings are “more beautiful than life itself.”

She said she does not see herself as a traditional artist.

“If you are going to call yourself a traditional, I think that’s a misnomer,” she admitted.

“You should call yourself an artist.”

She told CNN that she has a passion for children and that she wants to help children who are in pain.

But, she told CNN, she wants her paintings to be appreciated for what they are.

“My job is not to entertain,” she added.

“People want to see my paintings.

I am not going to be the only one to tell people what I think.

But I can say what I do.”

She’s never been to New York City, but she told a reporter from The New York Times that she “wouldn’t say no” to a chance to show her work there.

She’s also told CNN several times that she’d like to return to Los Angeles to exhibit.

In a 2016 interview with ABC News, she also told Cooper that she thinks “America is a beautiful place.”

But she said that she can’t see herself living in the U.S. again because of the climate there.

“This is a climate that makes it very hard to do that,” she acknowledged.

“That’s what I’m really worried about.”

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