How to get more out of your sketching tools

You’re painting on a blank canvas, and it looks great, but it’s a bit hard to get the edges to line up correctly.

You have to remember to hold the pencil with one hand to create a solid line and then the other to add wrinkles.

And that’s just for starters.

So we asked some experts in drawing and painting how they use different tools to get a more accurate result.

What are some tips for drawing and making art?


Start by drawing in pencil.

You’ll get better results by drawing with a marker or a brush.

If you’re a beginner, a sketching brush will do nicely for drawing, but a more experienced artist should use a pencil.

The pen’s the one that’s more likely to make a smooth line, which means the lines will line up better with the sketch, says Sarah Hall, a drawing instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The pencil’s also easier to keep moving around.


Make a mask.

This is probably the easiest way to make your sketch more solid and to avoid lines.

The mask is the part of the brush that has your lines drawn on it.

You put the mask over the pencil, and then draw in an outline that’s parallel to the lines you’re drawing.

Then you draw in more lines to create the shape you want.


Draw a mask using a brush or a sketch pad.

With a sketchpad, you draw lines in a line across the outline of your drawing.

The paintbrush has a brush tip that you use to draw the line.

You can also use the paintbrush tip to draw lines and then use the pencil to add them.


Use the pencil tip to create smooth lines.

With the paint brush, you’re using the pencil and the paint tip to make the line on your sketch.

But it’s harder to make smooth lines on a sketch.


Use a pencil to line an outline.

The sketchpad has a pencil that you can use to line your sketch on paper or in a sketchbook.

With pencil, you can draw in a circle or a rectangle to create your outline.

And if you want to add more lines, you’ll use a pen to create more lines on your pencil.


Use your paintbrush to line lines.

Paintbrush, which is also called a drawing brush, has a tip that is shaped like a cross that can be used to draw a line.

When you draw on the paint, it gives you more lines that look like the line you’re working with.

And the paint can be moved around in your sketchbook to add new lines.


Use pencil to draw in outline.

This may be a bit tricky.

The brush tip has to be held over the line that you’re creating.

You also need to use a mask to line the outline you’re trying to create.

With paintbrush, you need to keep the pencil pointed to the line where you want it to line.

But if you move the paint from one place to another, the lines become a bit thin.


Use mask to draw line.

To draw in your outline, use the mask to create line around the line with your sketch that you want your line to look like.

Then use the line as a guide to draw more lines around that line.


Make your sketch a line with a pencil: with a sketch pen.

When drawing on paper, it’s easy to accidentally draw the sketch on the wrong side of the paper, says Hall.

But with a drawing pen, you don’t need to worry about that.

The lines will stay straight.

But you needn’t worry about making a perfect line if you’re not careful.

To use a drawing pencil, draw lines on the paper with your pen and the pencil.

Hold the pen on the sketchpad or sketchpad with the pencil or paintbrush.

Use enough of the pen’s pressure to draw each line with the line brush, and hold it down for a few seconds.

Then move it to the next line.

Once you’re done with the last line, draw it again.

That’ll show you how much pressure you put on each line, and the way the line looks.

It’s important to note that you need a mask for these lines.

So you’ll have to hold a pencil in the mask for a long time before you’re comfortable drawing a smooth, perfect line.

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