‘Mystery artist’ is living the art of her dreams in the Netherlands

A mystery artist is making her own art out of her obsession with paintings by Dutch masters, while also being a regular visitor to the Netherlands.

Lizzie Cappieux is one of a small number of artists who regularly visit the Netherlands to study.

She says she started the art project to share her love of Dutch art with others and also help the country become more welcoming to people from the world over.

“I like the fact that people can see it in their own eyes,” Cappiks said.

“They can see the colors, the detail and the way that they paint their work.”

Cappieix is a graduate of the Netherlands’ Institute of Contemporary Art and the Institute of Art and Design in the Hague.

She started her project about six years ago and is now a regular artist in the city.

Cappieles paintings are often displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Dutch Art in the northern city of Leiden, where she also has a gallery.

Her artwork can be found on a wall in the museum’s art gallery and online, along with other works that showcase her own artistic talents.

“When I’m out in the country, I like to see what the Dutch are doing and I’m not afraid to go out in my own way,” she said.

Capping off her travels to the country has led her to make paintings on a variety of subjects.

For example, one of her most popular pieces is a portrait of a girl in the countryside with a large flower on her head.

Coppieux says her paintings are about expressing emotions she has with other people, and they also include themes of love, friendship, and peace.

“They are very personal pieces,” she explained.

“For me it’s always about making art about people and seeing what their relationship is.”

The artist says the artwork is also a way for her to connect with other artists and artists around the world.

“It’s just me and the flowers,” she laughed.

“My art is not about being famous or being famous in some way.

It’s about sharing my feelings and giving my opinion.”

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