Trump ‘is the worst’: ‘He has no shame’ on Twitter post

“Trump is the worst, by far.

I don’t know how anybody could be this terrible,” she wrote.

“His disgusting, vile, disgusting, disgusting tweet on Wednesday night was worse than all the times he’s had to defend himself and his own incompetence in the past year.”

In her second tweet on Tuesday night, she said Trump’s tweet was a “shameful and disgusting display of ignorance.”

“I have no sympathy for him or his disgusting tweets,” she continued.

“I have nothing but contempt for anyone who does.”

She said Trump was a liar, which was why she wasn’t going to defend him.

“This is the ultimate insult to people who work hard to support the country.

They can’t even defend themselves,” she said.

She added that she would be “more than happy to do the same for Trump, but it’s just not in my nature.”

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