How does Zentangle’s art fit into the natural world?

The Zentangles’ artwork blends the geometric forms of natural landscape with the art forms of the Zentangos’ culture.

Their art is often accompanied by stories about the world’s wildlife.

The zentangle was born in the 1920s when Zentangled artists found that zenithal curves, or zodiacal curves (which were the natural curves of the earth), were easier to paint than regular curves.

Zentangling art is sometimes called the zodiac or the zenotype.

The first zentangles were painted by Japanese artist Yasuyuki Ueda.

In the 1960s, American artists started to paint zentangled landscapes with the zentangylist.

Zendaglider’s artworks are a tribute to the zents, who were a nomadic people in the Central American region of Oaxaca and Mexico.

In many of their artworks, the art pieces appear as if they are floating, while in others, they appear like a ship.

The art pieces are made from recycled materials.

They are created using recycled glass, metal, cardboard, paper, and other materials.

In a museum exhibition, visitors can see examples of the artworks and their art in the zendagylist’s studio in Oaxacan, Mexico.

Zedangal sculptures can also be found in the museum, which features more than 3,000 pieces.

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