Artist says Trump is ‘disgusting’

AUSTIN, Texas — A painting by an Austin-based artist who painted the face of President Donald Trump has gone viral, drawing a flood of comments about the art piece.

In a post to Instagram on Saturday, artist Jason Krawczyk said he made the face out of acrylic paint, but didn’t paint it as a caricature.

“I wanted to show the President that I’m not ashamed to be an American, that I have not abandoned my humanity in my art, and that I will continue to push the boundaries of what art can be,” Krawczzyk wrote.

The artwork depicts a man standing with his hands clasped behind his back, his face hidden behind a mask.

He’s wearing a suit, shirt and tie with his hair tucked in a bun.

Krawczřs artwork was on display Saturday at the City Museum of Austin.

While the artwork is being widely shared on social media, some people are questioning whether the painting is real or just a copy of one by another artist.

Austin art critic John Buechner tweeted, “What does this guy have to hide?

What is his motivation?”

The artist has since deleted the post.

For now, the artist is working on other paintings that are not based on Trump, Krawiczkss friend, Jennifer Beecher, told ABC News.

Beecher told ABC affiliate KXAN that Krawzikczyk and her husband created the artwork as a way to highlight the diversity of Austin in the wake of the deadly police shooting of Alton Sterling.

The painting also serves as a reminder of the violence and racism that has plagued the city for years.

Beechers mother was killed by a white police officer in 2016.

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