How to Draw Giger’s Art of The Terror of the Planet of the Apes

It’s easy to imagine that the images on the wall of the art studio in Giger-designed Berlin were inspired by Giger himself.

“Giger always drew in terms of his surroundings and what was around him,” said Thomas Hildebrand, who runs the Berlin Art Gallery.

“He was a very conscious artist.”

The artists’ collaboration is part of the Berlin Gallery’s annual Art of the Year initiative, which celebrates the work of one of the world’s most famous artists.

A selection of Giger artworks from the show will be displayed in a gallery on Friday.

Hildebrant, who also curated the exhibition in 2016, said the two artists often shared the same ideas and were able to produce an incredibly detailed work.

“We wanted to show them together because we wanted to reflect the complexity of their work,” he said.

“The more they explored and the more they experimented, the more it became an interesting challenge to create.”

The exhibition is titled The Terror Of The Planet of The Apes and features paintings by Gies van der Kamp, Ernst Hildegarde, Hans Hofmann and Gustav Klimt.

The exhibition, which is also available on the exhibition catalogue, also includes a gallery-quality replica of the Giger glassware used in the film.

“They are the most important visual evidence for the evolution of art in the 20th century,” said Hildebears.

“I’m really interested in how these artists thought about art in general, and the idea of the individual, the spirit, the soul, in a time of conflict and repression.”

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