What’s on tap for Art Parkinson’s Art Parkis Art Day

Wood wall art is back on the agenda as a way to connect with art lovers, according to the city of Woodstock.

The art parkinson’s art day program is one of the largest events in town, drawing thousands of visitors to the neighborhood.

City officials said they will host a variety of art events and events that include:A gallery showing artists like David Geffen, Ken Loach, Michael Kors, Andy Warhol, and other artists and filmmakers;A street party featuring live music and local food; andThe Woodstock Beer Garden, featuring a beer garden and an outdoor patio.

The Woodstocking community, which is located at 4100 East Woodstock Blvd., has seen a lot of changes in the last five years, Mayor Mike Mather said.

Mather has said the city is ready for a new beginning.

“We’ve got to rebuild a community that’s strong, and it’s been rebuilding for decades,” he said.

“The new Woodstocks needs to feel like a new Woodstock.”

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