When it comes to spray paint art and art desk furniture, it’s easier to paint than to work, says designer

A recent study suggests that the art industry can do a lot more than just paint its clients’ artwork.

It can also help them with their everyday life.

That’s according to a new report by a Vancouver-based art and design firm that found that spray paint can actually help people who are working on art in the office get work done.

In fact, the firm found that more than 80 per cent of respondents had painted artwork at least once in the past 12 months.

That was more than double the amount of people who said they had never done so.

The study also found that a lot of the work that people did on the side was actually done by people who had done some art, not just paint.

“The paint can really be a catalyst for more work and creativity, which in turn creates more art, which leads to more art in our lives,” says Lisa Boulter, the CEO and co-founder of The ArtDesk, an art studio based in Vancouver.

It also means that a small piece of artwork can go a long way toward helping a client find work in the art world.

ArtDesk surveyed more than 400 creatives and found that people who were painting at least one piece of art in their office every day, and who were at least 18 years old, were two to three times more likely to be hired for a new position.

It’s important to note that this is a very broad survey, with a wide variety of professions, industries and artistic interests.

As well, The ArtDeck found that just 25 per cent were painting for clients who were also working in their own work.

That meant almost no one had painted their own artwork at all.

For those who were working with clients, the study found that one of the most common reasons they got hired was for work done on the client’s art.

While some people might consider it their hobby, the ArtDesk study found a significant amount of work was actually being done for clients.

Of the people who answered “yes” to the “painting or drawing” question, one in five (18 per cent) said that they were working in the studio because of their work, while one in six (13 per cent), said that their work had to do with their job.

People who were in the paint or paint-making business might not be as familiar with the art community as others in the profession, but their work was being used by others.

In the case of artists, that means that people could use the work to draw their own works.

That could mean getting a job with a local gallery or gallery owner, or painting a book cover or poster for a local magazine.

A lot of people would probably be shocked to hear that the painting that you are working with might be an example of a work of art.

Art is not just about painting, and there’s a lot to love in being a part of a profession that is constantly creating art and doing it well.

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