How to draw the human brain

The NFL has some pretty cool new brain-computer interface stuff.

Now, in the process of making some really cool brain-machine interface stuff, the league has come up with a new way to draw those brain-brain interface things.

In its first ever collaboration, the NFL and Neuroscientist Dr. Brian Greene and his team have created the world’s first full-scale brain-monitoring system for the brain.

The goal is to make the entire brain-like interface possible.

It could be worn on the inside of the brain or on the outside, depending on what the person wants.

The system works by projecting a small, thin layer of transparent material into the field of vision of a user’s brain, and then measuring the amount of electrical signals from the brain to the user’s eyeballs.

The result is a virtual brain that can be scanned by a computer, which then interprets the brain’s electrical activity into an image.

It looks a lot like an eye tracking device, except the user doesn’t have to see the image, which is just a small image of the user that’s stored on the brain in a computer.

But instead of seeing the image itself, the user has to read it out loud to the computer, and that’s how they can see what they’re seeing.

Greene and his group, led by neuroscientist and former NFL player Mike Coughlin, will have to get approval from the league’s medical and safety committee before they can start using this technology in the league.

The league is planning to have a working prototype for the first time in 2019, and the full-body interface could be in use by 2020.

Development Is Supported By

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