‘I’m a black man in a white house’: A look back at the best moments from ‘The Wire’

article Art van, a black rapper from Atlanta, is the only African American on “The Wire,” the HBO show based on the crime-ridden Baltimore riots of the 1980s.

But the show’s creators and star, Brandon Webb, are trying to change that.

On Sunday, the HBO series, in which black men are often the heroes and their struggles are rarely depicted in black-and-white, will air its final episode with an appearance by van.

He will be joined by fellow Atlanta rapper Travi$ Scott and actress Gwen Stefani, who will also star in the final season.

And we had a lot of discussions about that, and we thought about the way that we were going to portray the world and the world was going to be told. “

We started off saying, ‘This is a black dude who’s going to tell his story.’

And we had a lot of discussions about that, and we thought about the way that we were going to portray the world and the world was going to be told.

It was just so interesting to me that we could go and say, ‘Well, he’s a black guy.

What is this person going to do?’

”Van said that the show is about more than just a white guy.”

I am trying to say, I am a black American who is struggling.

And that’s my goal in life,” he said.”

What is that going to feel like?

And what does that mean to you?”

“And then what does it mean to the world?”

The show, which has sold more than 1.7 million copies since its premiere in 2009, is based on a memoir by writer-director Robert Alexander Hill and tells the story of the life of a black family that lived in a house with white family members in the Baltimore suburb of North Attleboro.

The show has also tackled issues of race, poverty, and the influence of technology on black life, including the way black men, who make up less than 1% of the population, are often portrayed as “lazy” and “bad.””

We are trying, as much as we can, to show that. “

The show is a story about a black person trying to come out of the closet, to be a black artist and be a successful rapper and to make some money.

And we will do it.””

Art van’s story is a great one and a story that I would like to tell the world.

And we will do it.”

Follow art van on Twitter: @artvanmusic

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