The ‘greatest invention’ of the 20th century: A pencil

The ‘world’s greatest invention’ was born in a pencil factory in Kolkata, India, in 1896, but its name didn’t become the buzzword of the past century until a young engineer named K. S. Jha invented a pencil that could be used for writing and drawing.

Jhatkan Gopalakrishnan, the son of an engineer who worked on the pencil, is credited with inventing the pencil as an inexpensive, portable and versatile tool.

It has since been a staple of modern day art and commerce, and was adopted by everyone from celebrities to politicians, and even the pope.

But now the pencil is going to be lost.

The world’s greatest inventions: What we know The pencil was invented in 1885 in Kalkaji, India by the renowned K.S. Jhats, a pen and pencil maker who had come to Kolkatta to sell his wares.

At the time, India was known for its manufacturing, so Jhatks son came up with a cheap, portable pencil that was just 2.5 inches in length and weighed just 13 grams.

The pencil could be bought in the market and could be easily carried on one’s person, and Jhatkans son sold it for less than 1 rupee.

The son was then able to produce a pencil of the same size for a few hundred rupees.

He sold the pencils to other pen makers who started selling them as well.

He also started selling pencils in London.

His son, who was then in his 40s, became an engineer at a company that was exporting pencils overseas.

But soon he decided to start a business.

By 1893, he had sold his company and his pencils abroad.

It wasn’t until 1897 that he began producing his own pencils, which he marketed as the pencil Gopalaks.

In 1899, he started his own manufacturing factory in Delhi.

It would take the company over two decades to turn his product into a major industry.

In 1900, Jhatka’s son was appointed as the Chief Engineer of the company, which was a very big company.

He was a well-known businessman who owned his own business.

He even began to have a large business in the Indian market, importing pencils from the United States and making them in India.

It was this big business that allowed Jhatkas son to start his own family business in Kalinga, in Calcutta, in 1892.

By then, the pencil had already become an important tool, used for a wide range of purposes.

A pencil is used in making ink in a drawing room.

A drawing in the drawing room shows the pencil in use.

A pen is used to sketch out a picture on paper.

A stylus is used for drawing.

A table saw is used on wood or stone.

A ruler is used as a ruler in making a circle.

The pen was also used to write down notes.

The company’s revenue from pencil sales increased over time.

In 1906, the company’s annual profits reached more than 2.4 billion rupees (about $5,600,000).

In 1911, the year before the outbreak of World War I, Jha was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, the highest civilian award.

In 1912, the factory that produced pencils started exporting the pencil.

The export to Britain was stopped after the war.

In 1915, Jhas son founded a company called Jhatakan Kalsan, which became one of the leading pencil manufacturers in the world.

By 1917, the production of pencils was also a big business.

The factory expanded, and by 1919, it was the largest pencil factory producing more than a million pencils a year.

The product Jhatakhan Gopalakhans son launched in 1920 was the first pencil that he sold overseas.

The name ‘Jhatkan’ means ‘the greatest’.

It was used to sell pencils by the company that Jhatko was based in Kallinga.

The first pencil sold in Britain was made in Britain by the British company Pencil-Gopalak.

Pencils are used for many purposes, including writing, drawing and writing on paper, but also for drawing in ink.

The use of the pencil was a big reason why pen makers started using pencils for writing.

The development of pencil began with a pencil in the British Museum in London in 1884, which is when pencil makers first developed a pen for writing on wood.

It is believed that pen makers had been using a wooden pencil for writing for some time.

The London pencil factory that used to make pencils developed a new pencil with a new nib, called the ‘M.G.K.’.

In 1911-1912, the London pencil manufacturer was renamed Pencil Gopal, which had the same name as the pen that was later used by Pencil Jhatkhans son.

The new Pencil made by the London Pencil maker,

Development Is Supported By

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