‘The Art of Being a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran

In the years since her best-selling memoir, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ Caitlin McNeill has become one of Australia’s most respected visual artists.

But she’s also become something of a household name in the United States, where her work has appeared in fashion magazines and on TV shows like ‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘House of Cards,’ and ‘The Americans.’

Now McNeill, a self-taught painter and illustrator, is working on her next book, a follow-up to her 2007 best-seller, ‘A Woman’s Place: The Art of Becoming a Woman in Contemporary Contemporary Art.’

In a Q&A on her new book, McNeill explained why she chose to focus on women, why her art is so personal, and why she believes women’s bodies are an important part of the history of art.

How did you come up with the title of your book?

In my first year in the profession, I was just trying to get into the art world.

I had no formal training, no formal education.

I did it with a really open mind.

I was so eager to learn and see what was going on in the world of art and culture and what was happening with women.

My first book came out of a very simple curiosity, because I wanted to get in touch with this world of women artists.

When I got to New York City, I realized that I had a very deep interest in women’s work, particularly in contemporary art.

And I also wanted to understand the history and the evolution of this work.

So I started to look around and read about it.

And one of the books that really struck me was ‘A Women’s Place’ by Cathy Neuman, which is one of my favorite artists and her work is amazing.

But I was very drawn to the work of ‘Caitlin Moran,’ which is a very personal work.

How would you describe the process of creating this book?

I wanted this book to be a personal portrait of myself, and a reflection of my life.

I wanted the book to reflect my inner journey, and the journey of being a woman.

What was your inspiration for writing this book, and what did you hope to achieve?

It was kind of a challenge to write this book in such a personal way, because so much of my work was done by my husband and I. But, I also think that it’s important to be sensitive to what’s going on within the artist’s world.

You have to take care of yourself and your family.

I knew that it would be a lot of work, so I decided to work with the same person who had created all of my books.

The first part of it is about the process, and how I was drawn to a certain kind of women’s art and I was really drawn to Cathy.

And then I wanted a second part of this book that was really personal.

What I really wanted to do was to tell a story that’s not about me, it’s not a memoir.

It’s a story about a woman’s story, and I wanted people to feel that.

So the first part is about what I was into, and then the second part is a personal journey about the art.

What were some of the major themes that you were looking to explore in this book and how did you achieve that?

I think it’s about how people experience art, and it’s how we learn to learn to accept things as they are.

So that’s why it’s a very sensitive and personal book, because it’s the story of how I experienced art, as well as the process.

So a lot was about the artist and what she was feeling.

And also a lot about what was affecting her.

And she was the one who taught me that if you’re going to try to learn about something and you’re not feeling like you can learn about it, then you might as well not learn about that at all.

I really think that a lot is about self-knowledge.

And being able to look at things through the eyes of the artist, and not as a person.

And that’s what I wanted.

I think what really resonated with me about Cathy is that she’s so much a product of her time, of the time of her life.

So it’s hard to look back on her life and think, I didn’t have a real career and I’m only doing what I love to do, but she’s doing what she loves to do.

She was a product and the art she created was so much an expression of herself.

What’s the best advice you have for someone looking to pursue a career in art?

When you’re in the field, it feels like you’re always in competition with yourself.

So, just try to be really mindful of that, and work on that.

Also, just like every other art form, it has to be about self expression and self-expression is really important to

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