New Zealand art museum to open in Auckland

A New Zealand arts museum will open in the city of Auckland next month after a decade-long battle with the state.

Key points:The New Zealand Art Museum will open next month with an exhibition titled “A New Zealand Look”The museum will hold workshops and exhibitions about New Zealand culture and historyThe museum is located at the city’s waterfront site, near to the waterfronts historic Auckland Harbour and a popular tourist destinationNew Zealand art museums have been struggling to find a place in the capital’s growing art scene after the arrival of the Chinese and European tourists.

The Auckland Museum of Art, the country’s first art museum, closed in 2008 after a $4.5 million redevelopment project.

It was the first New Zealand museum to be demolished in more than 60 years.

The current owner of the museum, the Auckland City Council, said the museum’s closure was the final straw.

“The public are now asking questions about the impact of the redevelopment on our community and to the future of the city,” Auckland Mayor Len Brown said.

“This is a major public loss for the city, but also for the museum and for New Zealand as a whole.”

Mr Brown said the city was “very happy” with the new museum, but wanted it to operate independently.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of the work and the art.

It’s a really great opportunity for us to have a space to really showcase our art and culture,” he said.

Artworks will be exhibited and sold in the museum as well as sold at local galleries.

New Zealand’s largest art gallery will host a gallery show, opening in September, as well a workshop and exhibition about New Zealander culture and heritage.

The gallery will also hold events, such as a photography exhibit.

“We’re going to have exhibitions and workshops on a lot of themes, from New Zealand, to history, to New Zealand’s role in the world and how we’re all connected,” curator David Kowalski said.

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