The Most Black-Covered Art in Hollywood

In addition to the artworks on the walls of studios and homes, Hollywood has also been home to black artists.

This week, Entertainment Weekly is sharing some of the most notable black-owned artworks that have been on the wall at studios and home studios.

The first piece featured an artist named Michael Smith who was known for creating intricate, hand-crafted paintings that featured his daughter.

A similar piece featured by the artist, David A. Smith, also featured an image of his daughter and the words “You Are The One” written across it.

The second piece featured a picture of the famous Black Panther character and the caption, “A dream comes true when the Black Panther and his partner take on the evil government.”

The last piece, titled “The Black Panthers Dream,” was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and was inspired in part by the famous quote by actor and activist Jesse Jackson: “When I talk to people about Black Lives, they talk about us.

But when they talk to me, they don’t know me.

They don’t see me, and they don\’t know where I come from.

They think they have me in their pocket.”

Read more about the first and second pieces below.

The third piece was created by Black artist and artist, Terrance James, who also drew a portrait of rapper Kanye West.

The fourth piece featured the artist’s daughter, who was also known for her work.

Check out the entire gallery below:

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