How does a painting look in a glass of water?

New Scientist article by Andrew Haddock In a world where artworks are becoming more widely available, a few artists are trying to change that.

They’re trying to make the experience of seeing a piece of art more than just a mere collection of pieces of paper.

They are using holograms, which act like virtual holograms of the artist.

They also are taking the idea of art deco and making it into a technology that could be applied to all sorts of things, from wearable technology to cars.

They have a name for it: “art hologram”.

But for now, the idea is limited to a handful of artists, including David Szekely of the British Royal Academy of Arts and the Belgian painter Frida Kahlo.

But there are other people who have jumped on board with a similar idea, and they have started to offer their own ideas for using holographic art to make objects more interesting to look at.

The art hologram concept is similar to the one that a couple of artists at the British Academy of Art in London developed, called the Art in the Mirror.

It was created to allow the viewer to look into an object’s holographic image, which is actually just the image projected onto a screen.

The image is made up of dots and shapes that are then combined to form the image, allowing you to see the whole image at once.

If you have a piece that’s not as sharp as you’d like it to be, it’ll show the edges of the dot and shape together.

This is the same concept as what the British and Belgian artists have been trying to use in the art holograms that they’ve been working on, says David Hodge, the head of the department of visual arts at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The idea was to make it a way for people to see something that was in real time.

“It’s very hard to put your finger on exactly what it is that you want the viewer of a piece to see,” he says.

“I think it’s a kind of sensory immersion experience, and so we’re trying really hard to make that possible.”

Hodge has spent his life working in the visual arts, from his early days in London’s Royal Academy to his stint at the University of Westminster.

But he started working in visual communication with his partner, the artist Jean-Paul Senné.

“He had an idea that he wanted to put on a display in the Royal Academy, and that was to create an object in a mirror that was made up out of a series of dots,” he explains.

It would be like a painting, but the object would be real. “

The idea was that you would actually be looking at the object in front of you.

It would be like a painting, but the object would be real.

And it would be transparent.”

In the end, the pair did some calculations about how the painting would look, and it turns out that if you were looking at a piece like a sculpture, the real-life object would have to be as thin as a human hair, but it would still be transparent.

So that’s what they ended up with.

But what about if you could actually look through the mirror?

What if you took a picture with a magnifying glass, and you turned it into an image?

The result is a very detailed version of the painting that is actually visible through the hologram, and which is very much like what you see in real life.

But that’s a lot more work to do.

The hologram technology, which has been around for quite some time, uses a technique called holographic projection to project an image onto a surface.

When you hold the device, it sends a signal that looks like a series to a series that represent the actual image.

But the signal is encoded in the image itself.

If that image is not sharp enough, the image is lost.

This means that if a person wants to see a piece without having to do any additional processing, they can simply take a photo of it.

The picture is projected onto an image projector, which then takes the photo.

If the image doesn’t look good enough, then the projector stops working and the picture is re-projected.

But if the image looks good enough the image will show up on the projector.

So, when you look at a hologram image, you’re actually looking through the image.

That’s not the same as looking through a real painting.

But you can still see what the actual painting looks like.

In a real, physical painting, the paint itself is very thin.

But holographic painting, where the image of the image you’re looking at is made of dots, can make a real difference.

This technology is still very experimental, but many people are using it to make virtual reality

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