How ‘The Glass Art Exhibition’ changed the way we view art gallery art from the inside out

Posted May 01, 2018 08:00:57 Glass art exhibits have always been a big part of what art lovers see in galleries and museums.

Now, glass art is also getting a lot of attention from the outside.

The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, May 1, in Los Angeles and New York, is being called Glass Art.

The exhibit includes works by some of the most well-known artists of our time, including Michael Corman, Andy Warhol, Diane Arbus, and Paul Rubens.

This exhibit is not a traditional gallery exhibit but rather an extension of the concept of “The Glass Exhibition,” a popular exhibition by the New York City art gallery Gallery of Modern Art.

The show was created in partnership with GlassArt, a company that focuses on making art by using glass.

Glass Art has a large number of partners and partners, including the California Glass Gallery, the New Mexico Museum of Glass, and the University of Southern California Glass Art Center.

GlassArt’s goal is to make the artworks available to the public and to provide access to a wealth of information about the artists’ works.

The company has a history of making high-end glass art available to artists for free, with more than 100 works sold by GlassArt alone.

“We believe this is the most important thing that’s happened in art,” said GlassArt CEO Jeff Rennick.

“When people see GlassArt and see the artists, they will see that they are not just artists, but they are artists in the sense of how they are making art.”

The exhibit was inspired by the Glass Art Project, a program in New York’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art that opened in 2008 and was the first of its kind in the United States.

In 2011, the GlassArt program launched in Austin, Texas, and a year later, the gallery opened a gallery there.

The GlassArt exhibition is a follow-up to that initiative.

“This project was very different than GlassArt in that it was an entirely self-funded and self-organized effort,” Rennack said.

“And this is a new type of art.

You can’t just show people the art by saying, ‘Show me.’

You have to be part of the process.

We want people to be able to participate, to be invested, to contribute.”

The exhibition will also include works by artists from the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

The exhibition is in full swing now, and artists are already creating their own works.

One artist who has recently started making her own glass art was Artem Semyonov, who created the Glass art exhibition piece in partnership, with Glass Art, with the help of artist Paul Rubins, who has been working on glass art for many years.

Semyonsky is making art in the style of classical art and contemporary sculpture.

“Semyonos is really interested in glass as a medium for creating art, and this project has really enabled me to work on a more intimate level,” Rubens said.

The glass pieces, which Rubens will create with his wife, show their artists using different techniques, such as “sculptural glass.”

They include “a sculptural glass work by Andy Warham,” a painting by Paul Ruben, a piece by David Foster Wallace, and an abstract sculpture by Rubens and his wife Sarah.

“Artistic glass,” Rubins said, “is very much a medium of expression, so the fact that the artist is actually using glass, the fact they’re using glass as art, that’s the whole thing.”

In the coming months, the exhibition will be open to the general public in the galleries of New York and Los Angeles.

The museum is also hosting an exhibition of the works from the Glass Exhibition of the Contemporary Art Museum of New Jersey, which is being curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Glass is also a permanent part of New Museum’s collection.

“Glass is a medium that is very powerful for artists, for art lovers,” said Mark Krawisz, the director of the Glass Museum.

“It’s a medium where you can see things that you may not have ever seen, or may never have seen, before.

This is a great opportunity to see things you might never have otherwise seen.”

For more information about GlassArt or to reserve a viewing, visit

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