Why I made a flower art from a baby

An artist has created a flower painting from a three-month-old baby’s body using a syringe, a new technique that was previously only used to treat infants.

The artwork, called Fanny, was created with a syringes, a syrupy plastic bottle and a paintbrush in order to create a three dimensional image.

“It was made with the help of a syphilitic needle,” said Abhishek Sharma, the founder of FlowerArt, which specializes in creating new artworks with syringing, and who also works as a teacher.

“It was done by me with my own two hands.”

The idea to make the flower painting came from the fact that when the three-year-old Fanny was born in November, her mother was admitted to a hospital after an attack.

The baby, named Fanny by the artist, was suffering from a respiratory infection and needed oxygen to breathe.

But her mother refused to let her breathe while she was at the hospital.

The artist then came up with the idea to use a syrinx as a tool to create the flower image, and that idea was born.

“I thought, ‘If I can create a flower, why not a baby?’

I could make it a sculpture, I could paint it on paper, I made it with a plastic syringe,” Sharma said.

The child was given the name Fanny as a name for a girl in the family.

She is now doing well and the artist is still working on her work, which she hopes will help other babies and babies born in the same hospital.

Sharma said the process of creating Fanny took three months.

The artists goal is to produce a number of different flowers and a number for different purposes, he said.

“We would like to produce flowers that are for flowers, and for other things like food and drinks.

And for our babies we want to create some sort of decoration for their room, or for their bed,” he said, adding that the artist would like his work to have a different function.”

For us, it’s not about making art, it is about having fun, and we want people to be entertained,” Sharma added.

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