How to find the best art gallery in the city of Calgary

The Art Gallery of Alberta has announced it will be expanding its collection of contemporary works by saatchi artist Saatchi, with the announcement that the collection will also include pieces by the likes of Toni Braxton, the late David Bowie and others.

The Art Gallery has been in existence since the mid-1970s and is located at 985 Westland Avenue.

It was established in 1984 and currently houses a collection of about 20,000 pieces of art and sculptures by artists including Picasso, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Titian, Rembrandt, Matisse and other notable artists.

It is the fourth and final year the Art Gallery will have expanded the collection of its art.

In 2015, the Art Society of Calgary, the city’s largest arts organization, announced it would add another 40,000 works to its collection.

Artists, curators and collectors have long been attracted to Calgary’s art scene.

The city’s reputation as a hub for creative thought and experimentation has fostered an appetite for the arts.

With the Art of Calgary coming up in 2018, it will have another year to expand the collection to meet that demand.

“Our goal with this expansion is to provide more opportunities for people to experience the Art that has been created in the Art Galleries of Alberta and our work in the community,” said Alison Bowerman, executive director of the Art House, the arts hub of Calgary.

The art galleries have long attracted students, residents and professionals alike.

In recent years, the number of art students attending Art House classes has grown dramatically, said Bowermann.

In 2016, the school opened its second gallery in Calgary, a space located in the heart of downtown.

In 2017, the Arts House moved its first gallery to the southwest corner of West Edmonton Mall and the Art Room in the Heart of Downtown.

It also added a third gallery in 2016 and a fourth gallery in 2018.

The new Art Gallery in 2018 will be located on the northwest corner of 10th Street and 15th Avenue West.

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