How to be Irish-American in the 21st century

With more than 20 million Americans of Irish descent, there is a distinct possibility that one day the Irish will become a minority in the United States.

But for now, it’s a bit of a surprise that one of the best-known Irish-Americans, the late George Clooney, is a staunch supporter of the Irish-Irish-American community.

But, it turns out, he was just as much of a pioneer as any other.

George Cloelly was one of a handful of people who actually did something to make Irish-America a reality.

It’s a little bit of an epicentre of a story, but we’re talking about an Irish-Indian in Hollywood, and there’s no shortage of Irish-owned movie and television studios and studios of all types that are very active in the industry today.

And George Cloone’s work has been very influential in the history of Hollywood, but he was also a pioneer, and he has done something extraordinary to bring Irish-ness to American audiences.

George and I were married in Los Angeles in 1963, and it’s interesting to think about now, where we live in terms of where he was born, because he was the only child of an Irishman, and the two of us were adopted.

We were adopted when we were babies.

We had a very mixed Irish-Catholic upbringing in Boston, which is now part of Chicago.

The two of them had a lot of mixed feelings about their adopted parents.

George had a wonderful childhood and I had a fantastic childhood.

They were very close friends, and we had a huge friendship.

I grew up with a great family in New York City.

They had a house on the Upper West Side, and George and his sister were very active members of the community.

And so, in the years that I spent with George, I knew a lot about what it meant to be an Irish person in America, and I knew how important the Irish community was to me.

So, it was really important to him to see that Irish people were represented in the film industry and in the entertainment industry, and that there was a real opportunity for them to be successful.

He was the first director of a major Hollywood studio to be adopted, and for George to go to Ireland and become an Irish citizen was a huge achievement for him, but it wasn’t the only one.

The fact that George was adopted by a wealthy, influential family that had so much influence over him, and to have that be the catalyst for his life’s work, was remarkable.

George would have had a real difficult life if he didn’t have an Irish father.

His family was incredibly influential in Hollywood.

His father was a lawyer, and they lived in the area that is now called Hollywood.

He also went to Harvard, where he got his law degree.

So George was raised in a very privileged Irish-Jewish environment, and his parents were incredibly well-off.

George’s father was also very successful in Hollywood in the 1960s.

But he was not in the business, and when he was at age 35, his father passed away.

So he had no way of making money, and so he was very poor.

He spent a lot time in the hospital and didn’t do very well.

He died when George was 19 years old, and my father and his mother were very upset by that.

They wanted George to start his own business, which he did for several years.

And the reason that George started his own company was because he had an Irish friend who was a doctor and who was an Irish lawyer.

So that made his life really difficult.

But they were very supportive, and after his father’s death, he decided that he was going to make money in Hollywood and that he wanted to do something that would help Irish- Americans.

George went to work for his father, and at the time, he worked as a clerk in a law office in Hollywood for a few years.

George also had an agent in Los Angles.

So there was this very good connection between him and the Irish people.

So when George came to L.A., he went to an Irish restaurant and bought a bottle of Guinness and a bottle.

And that was the beginning of the journey to becoming an Irish American.

George took a very deep interest in the Irish in Hollywood because of his father.

He had an extremely close relationship with the Irish, and in L. a very Irish Catholic community, and Irish-culture is very important to George.

He’s very good friends with Irish-people and with people of Irish ancestry.

And he became very involved in Irish-related businesses, and was very successful as an entrepreneur in Hollywood during his time in Hollywood working as an accountant.

In the early years of his career, George worked with the legendary filmmaker David Cronenberg, and during his career in Hollywood he worked with John Cassavetes and Michael Mann.

So for George, he became a major star in the world of film.

But George had an incredibly strong connection with

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