How to get your photos taken in Melbourne’s Art Gallery

More than 150 people from all over the country have lined up to get their pictures taken by a mural artist at the Art Gallery of Victoria.

The mural is on display in the new Art Gallery in Melbourne, where it has been placed since last year.

The project is being billed as the world’s largest and most ambitious mural installation in Australia.

It is part of the Melbourne Art Festival, which takes place every year from March 7 to March 11.

The work is part art installation, part installation, and part art-making.

Artist Andrew Crampton, who is based in Melbourne but has also worked in Australia, said the mural was intended to represent the collective memory of the city.

“It’s an incredible piece of work.

It’s very moving,” he said.”

I’ve been to the Melbourne art gallery for many years and it’s a beautiful, vibrant, and welcoming place.”

Crampton said he had spent his life working in Australia and his art had been influenced by the country.

“There’s a certain amount of cultural and national pride, which makes me think of Melbourne being a very multicultural city, and so I think that’s a part of why I wanted to create this piece,” he explained.

The murals were created using traditional paint and ink techniques.

The project will take a year to complete, but it will feature a number of murals.

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