How to Design a Abstract Art Blog

Abstract art has always been about the way the subject is presented.

It’s often presented in an abstract, usually one that’s too abstract to see in its entirety, but one that is meant to be read and understood.

But now that art blogging has expanded to include both online and offline platforms, there’s a growing demand for abstract art to be published. 

A new art journal called Abstract Art Review, launched last month, aims to help authors and artists with this new medium by allowing them to post abstract pieces that are also published in a variety of other arts journals. 

“We hope that this journal will serve as a platform for artists to share their work, to explore and explore and to expand their visual and abstract art as well as their artistic work,” said Sarah Smith, the managing editor of Abstract Art Quarterly.

“We also hope that the art journals will allow other artists to be able to publish their work without having to rely on their art journal as a conduit to gain recognition.” 

Abstract art has long been a medium that is primarily used by students, academics and students of creative industries to develop their work.

This is especially true for abstract pieces where the work is often created in large-scale, high-tech environments, such as a museum, museum, gallery or gallery show. 

The idea behind Abstract Art Reviews is that the work being published should not be a copy of any other art journal, but rather a piece that can be viewed and evaluated in its own right. 

According to Smith, Abstract Art is the ideal journal for abstract artists because it’s an easy way for artists and readers to share work and to discuss the medium of abstract art.

“A lot of people think of the abstract as an abstract art magazine or a book,” Smith said.

“A lot people think that an abstract artist’s work can be seen by a broad audience and be published in one medium or another.

It can’t be.

It must be created in one space.

So, this journal is designed to be an ideal outlet for that.

It should not just be for abstracts, but for everything from art-deco to art history, literature to visual art, film to photography, and everything in between.” 

Smith said she hopes that the journal will help to open a new generation of artists and thinkers to abstract art, as well.

“Art is not a one-size-fits-all medium.

I think the way we can see that is through art journals.

We can all take a look at the journal and see what the subject matter is, what’s interesting to us and what’s not, what we would like to see and what we’d like to be involved in, and then we can come together as a community to explore what we can learn from each other,” she said.”

We can all bring our ideas, our styles and our work to the table and talk about it and collaborate on something new, new ideas.” 

The journal is currently in its second edition, and is looking for submissions from artists and artists in general. 

Submissions are due by June 1, and submissions will be judged on the quality of each article, how well it addresses the needs of a specific audience, and how well the work fits with the broader themes of the journal. 

 The first issue will be a curated collection of 12 abstract art pieces from artists ranging from emerging talent to established artists. 

More information about Abstract Art will be published at and, which will be open daily from June 1 to August 15.

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