Art and music unite in new unity in unity in arts

The Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s largest, is reopening to the public this week after a 15-year closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The building, which was originally designed to house the Sydney Opera, will reopen to the general public in its entirety on Thursday, November 10, with an exhibition on display.

The project, which also includes the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Sydney Museum of Art, is the result of a joint effort between the NSW Government and the arts community, which has been working together since 2008 to reopen the iconic venue to the wider public.

“This project is a direct response to the growing need for art and music to unite in an art gallery,” said Sydney Opera Group Chief Executive David Gonsalves.

“It’s a reflection of the work of the many community members who have worked with the Opera and Sydney Museum to restore and improve our arts heritage and to create a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone.”

The Sydney Opera was opened in 1891 and was a major venue for performances and lectures throughout Australia.

It is home to the world famous opera, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, as well as some of Australia’s most prestigious music venues.

Artists, writers, musicians, dancers and musicians from across the world were invited to the Opera House to see new works by Australian artists, including Sydney Opera’s famous Ballet de Sydney, and play their own versions of classics like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.

The Opera House has hosted performances by international artists such as Mimi Lutz, who played in the first Sydney Opera Company concert in 1889.

“The Opera is one of Australia and the world ‘s most iconic cultural assets.

The building was originally built to house Opera houses of the Victorian era.

It has been an iconic cultural asset for Australia, as its many unique collections and exhibitions have been sold to a wide variety of audiences,” Mr Gonsale said.”

Its future as a place to play, see and see things that have inspired generations of artists has also been a constant focus of our collective effort to restore it to its rightful role as a cultural hub for the arts.”

The Opera’s permanent collection has been the subject of significant research and the building is being used as a public art exhibition.

The Sydney Museum, which is also part of the project, will host its annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Art in the Making, which runs from November 10-12.

Art and music united in unityIn addition to the restoration of the Opera building, the art gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Arts have also been transformed.

The Arts Council of Australia is funding the work, which will also include a major exhibition on art in the city, and the NSW Art Council will be involved in the ongoing restoration.

“While many of the works will be on display, the work will also be a part of a permanent exhibition, which allows for a much wider variety of works to be explored,” Mr Gronsale added.

“Our partnership with the arts sector, and with the NSW government, has created a strong and stable environment for the future of the building.”

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