Wolf and Bear are the latest artists to receive the 2016 Best New Artist award

Wolf and bear are the next artist to receive a new Best New Art award from The Arts Council of Australia.

Wolf and Bear, an artist collective from Sydney, were named the 2016 Arts Council Awards 2016 Best and Brightest Artist of the Year by The Arts Australia.

Their work includes a series of surreal paintings, one of which has been titled “Mystic Wolf”.

The pair were chosen from nearly 400 submissions for the 2016 award, which was won by the best art in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

“We were incredibly excited to be named Best New artist of the year by The Australian Arts Council,” said artist and former Hobart student Kalee Kallie.

“This is a huge recognition for what Wolf and Bears has achieved over the last three years and I’m just really grateful for the support of the arts community.”

The pair had previously won the prestigious Best New Artists award in 2015.

Their latest work is titled “The Mystic Wolf”, which was commissioned by The Artist Centre, the art gallery in Melbourne’s CBD.

The group will return to Sydney in September to perform at the Art Gallery of NSW.

“I think we’ll be really happy about that,” Kallies said.

“The art world needs to recognise the work that Wolf and bears have created over the past three years.”

Wolf and bear were awarded the 2016 Australian Arts Award for best new artist in Sydney and Perth.

The artworks are a combination of abstract and geometric forms inspired by a traditional folk art tradition.


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