Month: July 2021


“SENSE of ART” is the 2018 theme for the 2018 LABS Art Awards, the world’s largest art competition and the world premiere of an award-winning multimedia drama series.The drama series, “MUSICS AND SCIENCES,” will be hosted by director Adam Choe and produced by Warner Bros. Television.It is a one-hour film with a theatrical release on […]

The most influential people on Google News

A group of the most influential online news sources is now reporting the news on their personal timelines.In a new article on Medium, a company that aims to make the news a more personal experience, Medium editors revealed the top 20 people behind the site.It was also revealed that the “most influential” is the company […]

How art of living is getting better, cheaper, and better with the advent of 3D printing

Art of Living, the art and design studio of award-winning American illustrator and designer Bill Sienkiewicz, is releasing a series of 3-D printed wall art products for men to decorate their homes.The series, called Art of Men, will feature images of artworks made from 3D printed materials, like plastic, acrylic, wood, and metals, as well […]

‘The Sims: The Art of Surrealism’ – How to recreate art in the game

It’s been an exciting few months for the art and fashion scene, but one of the most exciting events of the year has been the release of The Sims: Art of the Surrealist.This game has been designed with an eye towards creating a virtual reality environment that replicates all of the art from classic games […]

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