Art museum opens in Denver

Denver, CO – Denver Art Museum, a new museum dedicated to the contemporary art of art from the 1920s through the present, will open its doors in mid-August.

Denver Art Museums founder and President, Brian D. Wootten, will lead the museum’s first class of 25 artists and artists of color, which is being curated by Denver-based artist/illustrator/painter, Emily Besser.

“Denver Art Museum has a long history of supporting art and culture through our community programs and exhibitions,” Wootte said.

“The first class will be a mix of artists from all over the city, and we’re very excited to welcome Emily and her team to Denver.

I am so excited to work with them on this important project.”

Diverse and diverse artists will work alongside Denver Art Festival curator and curator of fine art, Emily Wootter, and Denver’s best known artists, such as David Broussard, who is creating a piece called “Walking with the Dead.”

“The Denver Art Market and the Denver Art Fair will have a significant presence in the first class,” Wotter said.

The first class has already begun in Denver.

“We have a great mix of people from all walks of life, and I’m thrilled to be working with Emily and our talented team of artists,” Woots said.

Artists will begin exhibiting their work during the month of August.

Dressed in traditional and contemporary clothing, Wootters art will be housed in a large glass and steel sculpture space and a small gallery.

Artists who are selected to work in the gallery will receive a $1,000 scholarship, which they will be able to use to help support the program.

Artists selected to participate will be featured in a series of panels that are to be curated by Woottens wife, the late Mary Busser.

Wotts wife Mary was also the founding curator of the Denver Arts Festival and the director of the Fine Arts Museum.

“I am honored and privileged to be able bring Emily and the DMA team to this exciting project,” Watts said.

Emily Woots is currently working on a large scale painting for the gallery, which she hopes will be completed in late September.

The art exhibition will feature works by artists such as Frank Stella, Darlene Purdy, and the National Geographic Artists, who were also invited to participate.

The gallery will also be the first of its kind in Denver and one of the first to host a large-scale installation, which will include a live performance of the DMs original musical score, “Polly and the Bear.”

DMA will host its first art show on September 14 at 9:00 a.m.

“This will be the largest gallery-sponsored art show in the history of Denver Art,” said Wootts wife.

The exhibit will feature new and used works, including a series on the art of Frank Stella.

DMA’s second class will begin at 9 a. m. on August 27 and will include two exhibitions, a short documentary, and an exhibition on the history and impact of the artist, Emily Purdy.

The DMA is currently recruiting artists to join the gallery and the project.

“Emily is excited to have Emily and DMA as part of the team,” Wots said.

DMs creative team includes Emily Puddles son, John Woottons son, David Wootons son, and Michael Wootton, founder and president of Denver-born art collective, Puddlers.

“My wife, Mary, and my children are super excited to see this project begin, and to share this with their friends,” Wodts said.

Wodt will be in attendance at the opening of DMA.

Development Is Supported By

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