Which is the most expensive piece of art?

Posted February 07, 2018 10:27:28 It may be the most popular piece of artwork on the market, but the most costly artworks on the art market are not always the most interesting.

Take this pair of pair of glass sculptures by artist John Lydon and his wife, who created this stunning pair of sculptures.

Lydons original intention was to create a pair of statues, but when he got home one day, he was able to take them down and paint them in glass, and then he had the idea of having a pair to hang on the wall of his house.

So, you know, the sculptures have to have a kind of aesthetic quality.

They’re kind of like a little bit of a throwback to the early days of glass art.

And I think this particular pair of paintings, the one you see in the above video, is one of the more interesting.

And then there’s the one in the video, the other one in this article, that’s a really unique sculpture, that I think really stands out in terms of being the most amazing piece of glass sculpture in the world.

So it was a pretty surreal, unusual experience to actually paint a pair that you can’t touch and that can’t be touched.

So when you’re sitting in front of the sculpture that’s just hanging in your home, you can actually touch it and you can touch the thing you want to touch.

So that was pretty surreal.

It was also very cool because it was actually a piece of my house that was built out of glass, so I was able, when I took them down, to actually just paint them out in glass.

So they actually had the kind of shape of a human face on them, but they were actually made out of a different kind of material.

And the way they look now is that they have the sort of human face and then you can get a closer look at the actual human face in the painting, which is a pretty unique effect to see, especially when you can just touch it.

So there’s really a lot of interesting things going on in that video, and it really is a great example of what glass art can be.

It’s just something very special that happens to be glass.

The art world has been going through some big changes recently, but this is one thing that I would say that we haven’t really seen enough of yet.

We haven’t seen enough art that is actually beautiful.

And that’s something that we can all agree on.

So I think that’s really the thing that is really exciting about glass art is that it’s so beautiful, it’s really different.

And you can tell that it has been done for decades.

And it has really done a really good job at capturing a particular moment in time and capturing a specific moment in the history of art, and so it’s an interesting phenomenon to look at and really appreciate.

So thank you so much for watching, and I hope you enjoy the piece of the day, too.

It will be up at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 08, 2018.

And we’ll see you then!

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